Finally get what you see

BERS® offers an advanced WYSIWYG web-editor allowing you to create beautiful and interactive content: super fast, super slick, no coding required.

Simply choose from various design and interactive elements, tailor and configure colors, fonts, positions and sizes in whichever way you need them.

Instantly see and experience any change you make.

Easily distribute content with BERS®

Once you've finished building content with our WYSIWYG Editor, you can distribute it in multiple ways. Export as an HTML onepager, combine different pages to create a web brochure, embed it in your existing website or use the full potential of BERS® and distribute it through our portal to any kind of device or platform. Our built-in enterprise functionality allows for powerful user-management and individual distribution.


Quick and powerful

The fastest way to getting results: use the “export to HTML-function” and quickly export your interactive content as a standalone onepager. One click, one zip. All assets like videos, pictures, styles, scripts etc. are automatically included in your archive.

You can then upload your onepager to any server – and that’s it.


More than one!

Our Web Brochure

Just like a small website but much more powerful. Our “public package” lets you combine multiple pages and immediately makes them accessible online – no additional hosting required.



Unleash the full potential of BERS®

Our built-in enterprise functionality empowers you to run a fully digital bookstand for your company, brands or services.

This bookstand can be branded to your requirements and comes with a complete content and user management system. Create and manage your own packages from a variety of individual pages and push them to any device (iOS, Android) and platform at once.

Centrify® or ADFS® implementation is possible on request.

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    Add, edit and reorder pages with a simple drag and drop
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    Click on publish to instantly push your content to all users and devices
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    Inform your users via custom push notifications on their devices
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    We help you create your own branded native app

It's future-proof

Today and in the future

Opt for BERS® and you are buying an advanded modular sofware solution using the latest web and mobile technologies, which undergo constant iteration cycles. You automatically benefit from future software updates und improvements.


What can we do for you today?

Our team has a track record of realizing various tailored widgets for numerous clients. Functionalities such as configurators, content specific interactions and interfaces to make your content even more impactful. We actively support you in creating the best solution.

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    PVH – Interactive Configurator to combine end results out of a complex dataset
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    Rémy Martin – Seamless integration of Apple maps to display and explain multiple region-specific topics within France

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